I want to talk about what I remember best from this year’s Emmy Awards Shows


Both the Primetime and the Craft Emmy Awards, or the more technical segment of the award ceremony, had more of a “wow” factor this year. Spirit met precision. And it was a joy to watch the winners. Those who did not receive an Emmy were fabulous as well. Even with all the bad television there is still a ton of superb work. So, I recognize all the production folks with sincere gratitude and admiration. Lots of gold dust in the air.

Temple Grandin

Seth Green and Jackie after the Emmy win for “Robot Chicken.” Seth with the Emmy. Jackie with the water.

For me, the highlight of the Emmy’s was seeing philosophical leader of both animal welfare and the autism advocacy movements Temple Grandin in person.

When I first saw the HBO film about Temple’s early years, I was in awe. I almost wore my teeth down during the ceremony, hoping this astounding production would receive the awards it deserves. It mattered so much to me since the autism advocacy is close to my heart. Wishes came true and there were so many winners. Most of the winners mentioned Temple when they picked up their award, and each time she stood up and happily waved.

Brave. All involved in the film were superbly brave. Temple — for the life she leads — and Clair Danes, for her once in a lifetime performance introducing us to Temple and the road she traveled. Danes, who announced the winner of the “Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries,” could barely speak when she announced David Strathairn, the brilliant actor who played her teacher, as winner of the award. Julia Ormond, who portrayed Temple’s mom, won “Best Supporting Actress,” and Mick Jackson won for directing. Beautiful producer Emily Gerson Saines got a loving hug from Temple, who appeared on the Nokia Theater Stage when the cast and staff claimed the award for “Outstanding Made for Television Movie.” It also happened to be her 63rd birthday. And it was a happy one.

“It makes me very happy,” Temple said. “The movie serves as a tool to educate people about autism and shows that autistic children can become something.”

During the Governors Ball, I found their table and paid my homage. Temple was wearing comfortable cords with a solid belt and a dressy cowboy shirt and tie. She topped my best-dressed list. A world of wonder was etched on her easy, weathered face, and she reminded me of James Whitmore, full of honesty and of the earth. I inhaled deeply when in her company.

“Temple Grandin” is a life changing experience, and I hope HBO reruns the movie many times.

Yes, it was nice seeing George Clooney and the glittering gathering, but seeing Temple was grand.

A Drink with Seth

It was good watching Seth Green and the staff of “Robot Chicken” after they received their Emmy. I was just getting a glass of water after the second hour of the Craft Awards when I noticed the truly tickled team taking pictures. One young woman tucked herself into Seth and said, “Can I have one too?” Well, what’s a mother to do? I popped in and said, “Can I have one too?” A sporting producer took the picture, asked for my email address and actually sent me the photo. I’m happy to have it, even though my glasses are cockeyed. So smile when you see a screen credit for Susan Bell, who is a creative, reliable and lovely young woman. And no, I’m not Seth Green’s mother, but I would like to be…We’ll Talk

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