Ian Hamrick, Young Star on the Rise


Ian Hamrick.

An impressive young actor may continue to make this the Year of the “Ginger,” because Ian Hamrick has gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to his bright red hair.

In the controversial M.I.A. music video “Born Free,” Hamrick is one of the redheads rounded up to be exterminated. It is a powerful scene in which Ian stands out, and he stands up for the shocking material.

Hamrick is a youngster going places with that indelible spirit. Just 12 years old, he is making the rounds of auditions hoping to “take [his]career to the next level as a professional actor, and trying to book some cool things.”

He also just finished an independent film, The Night. “It’s a horror film about this kid who gets teased a lot and comes back as a ghost. And I get to haunt all the bullies.” It will be out later this year.

About five years ago, Hamrick caught the acting bug. “I was in New York and really got into theater. I had dreams of being part of a Broadway production…I got to play Chip in a production of Beauty and the Beast.” He and his family now call Studio City their home.

He’s well grounded, and that’s a tribute to his mom, dad, family, and friends. “I’m very lucky that my mom and dad give me good support. Acting is definitely not a job for slackers.”

As confident as a seasoned pro, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and it’s bright red — you can’t miss Ian Hamrick. Keep looking out for him; he’s a young star on the rise.

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