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With all the economic problems facing our world on a daily basis and the over-powering events that come at us through our newspapers, radio and television, there is one story that I am sure will capture your attention and cause your imagination to soar. In this age of “what is there left to be discovered in our world,” a team of scientists and explorers from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) discovered what would have put a smile on the face of the famed Charles Darwin.
Like something out of a Hollywood film script, a team of scientists and explorers stumbled upon an “environment” a few months ago. An environment that has been untouched for over 200,000 years. Mount Bosavi in the Southern Highlands of Papua, New Guinea erupted over 200,000 years ago. Like the Galapagos Islands, a rare species of life forms has been discovered living inside this extinct volcanic crater.
The explorers found jumping spiders and spiders camouflaged as lichen. Many birds found were the fruit dove with green wings and a red head, and a striking red bird named the King Bird of Paradise. If the rats they found inside Mount Bosavi found their way to New York City, I’m afraid there would be few people riding the subways! These rats are described as being as big as a medium-sized cat. They have long silvery fur. They have no fear of humans. By the way, they say these rats are related to the ones we find in our sewers. I am certain they would give the domestic feline population some running competition.
It is the jumping spiders that have me alarmed. The scientists and explorers say all of the animals, birds and jumping spiders are friendly. No need to worry if a jumping spider lands on you or one a giant rat decide to curl up in your lap. They also found the world’s longest lizard and the largest pigeon and moth. That would be another problem for us city folks. Can you imagine large moths invading your closet and large pigeons gathering around public buildings?
For all those lovers if the butterfly, they have found the world’s largest butterfly. They also discovered a giant gecko. I understand Geico Insurance is racing to sign the giant gecko for commercial work. A bat completely new to science was also discovered.
What excites me is the rare plant life discovered inside Mount Bosavi. They found eight species of orchids and a selection of plant life not yet verified. While some of this may appear rather humorous, it is indeed a discovery of unknown life forms and plant life that certainly needs our full and undivided attention. This environment inside Mount Bosavi needs to be protected. I understand that the World Wildlife Association is working with the local people, known as the Bosavi people, of the region to protect the environment for generations to come.

Happy new year to you and yours!

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