In Love with Barcelona…


I think I’ll wear my newly purchased black three-inch stiletto heels for my date tonight with a Barcelonan doctor.

Who does not speak English.

He’s picking me up at 8’o clock on his motorcycle (per my request) and he’s even bringing an extra helmet for moi.

I have to do this despite my mother’s very motherly advice via Skype: “Don‘t go anywhere alone with a stranger or you’ll be murdered!” She manically puffs on a Capri Ultra Light cigarette, puts it out in the Flamingo Hotel ashtray from Las Vegas, and lights another one instantaneously.

“I’m dead serious honey… haven’t you seen that movie Hostel… There are serial killers everywhere, and I bet especially in Barcelona!”

She takes another puff and disappears for a second behind the white cloud of nicotine and carbon monoxide.

How on earth can I be single and in Barcelona and turn down a date with a ruggedly handsome doctor who rides a motorcycle that doesn’t speak English?

It’s happened. Unexpectedly, of course. I’ve fallen in love… with Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona. In just over a week I’ve managed to indulge on tapas and red wine (a favorite here among the locals), salsa dance until 5 o’clock in the morning, learn my way around this historically elegant city overflowing in culture, Gaudi, smiles, and the craziest nightlife I’ve ever seen, all the while improving my Spanish and feeling like one badass chick!

I don’t want to leave, and am trying not to think about the fact that I only have three days left in a city where clubs don’t even open until midnight, where people here work to live…not live to work as I’ve seen in other places (like Los Angeles.)

The people here are just… chill. This is the only way I can describe it. Not one person has asked me what my job is, and if I happened to bring up I am an actress, not one person has uttered the words, “Oh… tough profession you chose there…”

I mean, the women here sunbathe topless, for crying out loud. And not just the ones with nice bodies. Everyone here goes nude, even the grandmas, which took a little time to get used to, but now I can’t help but think, “How cool is that?” To be so free, to not care what other people think and just chill out on the beach with no top like it’s nothing? I dig it big time.

So while my best friend Kim enjoys her recent engagement, my other best friend Anna enjoys her new Scottish man, I’ll enjoy my new love Barcelona while I perfume behind my ears and break in these new stilettos looking for el doctor on the black motorcycle.

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