In the Business of Helping People: Kehyeyan Law Firm

Puzant Z. Kehyeyan, Attorney at law.

Puzant Z. Kehyeyan, Attorney at law.

Finding the right lawyer can feel nothing short of overwhelming, especially finding one that you can really trust among such a sea of possibilities. That’s why for over the past fourteen years, Puzant Z. Kehyeyan has been able to build his business on word of mouth alone due to his ethical and moral approach to this business. Mr. Kehyeyan says he simply wants to “help people.”

Specializing in a wide array of cases including Personal Injury, DUI, Tickets, Immigration, Financial Issues, and Bankruptcy, Mr. Kehyeyan will thoughtfully advise and cater to the various needs of his clientele. “It’s not about the money; rather it’s about finding the very best path for each individual.  We understand the effects of the recession on people’s finances and lives, and the unfortunate truth that those effects continue.  We consider our greatest achievement when we have reached results that give our clients hope and improve their lives.”

The major difference that sets Kehyeyan Law Firm apart from the competition is their commitment to making a positive difference in peoples’ lives, while maintaining a minimal fee commitment. Mr. Kehyeyan understands and appreciates that he is dealing with people during some of their most vulnerable times and continues to deal with each case in a personable and mindful way.

Would you benefit from a relaxed, informal, and honest approach to your case? Call now to make an appointment to have Mr. Kehyeyan sit down with you for a one-on-one consultation during which he will help you to understand the law as it affects you. That way you are able to confidently move forward in full understanding of the way in which your particular case will progress, trusting that you have made the right decision.

The Law Offices of Puzant Z. Kehyeyan are located at 11908 Ventura Blvd., Suite 202, in Studio City. Call (818) 233-8965 for more information.


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