In the mix: Gaga vs. Jolie, chicken milk and Peeps now a cereal

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Sources say Michael Cohen was directed to lie to Congress by Donald Trump. Democrats are screaming “Resign or be impeached!” Republicans are screaming, but that’s off the record….

One of the last Navajo Code Talkers from World War II has died. Actually, he died 10 years ago, but no one could decipher his obituary….

The world’s oldest man dies. Again…

Did you know Brett Kavanaugh passed his bar exam by identifying 10 out of 10 beers correctly….

Supermarkets are now selling chicken milk. It’s appropriately named because people are afraid to try it….

The world’s most popular wild coffee species are becoming extinct, and scientists blame it on humans. Say it ain’t so, Joe….

Peeps Cereal is now hitting the store shelves. Or to save money, you can just eat a bowl of sugar….

Louisville airport will be renamed after Muhammad Ali. Now, to use the airport, jets will be required to float like a butterfly….

A new theory suggests a “Mirror Universe” existed before the Big Bang — which effectively makes Larry King older than anyone imagined….

McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark case to Irish chain Supermac’s. So now, it will be known as the Big McMac….

The world’s oldest man dies. Again….

Forbes writer angry that Ghostbusters 3 has been given to a male director. Writer goes from Ghostbusters to ballbusters….

Netflix is reportedly raising their rates as much as 18 percent. Now instead of chilling you’ll be fuming…

Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie reportedly in talks to play Cleopatra. Yeah, but who’s going to play Richard Burton?….

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