In the mix: Ivanka Trump, Alec Baldwin and Mary-Kate and Ashley

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President Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un in Singapore. U.S. wants denuclearization; Kim wants Netflix….

When Trump was originally told he’d meet Kim in Singapore, he said “What’s she doing there?”….

Alec Baldwin says if he ran for president he would win. I hope not. One Donald Trump is enough….

Ivanka Trump tweeted a “Chinese proverb” that no one in China knows. When asked where she got it from, she said “A fortune cookie”….

Radical plan to split California into three states takes momentum. But officials say they don’t know when that earthquake will come….

A new report claims anti-intellectualism is taking over the U.S. That’s stupid….

Last Friday was Flag Day. The day when flags come out of the closet….

IHOP has revealed that the name change IHOB stands for International House of Burgers. But c’mon, do you really want to eat a short stack of burgers?

I loved watching today’s Yankees Old-Timer’s game. It’s the only game where the umpire carries a defibrillator instead of a chest protector….

Reportedly, Paul McCartney’s net worth is 1.2 billion dollars. That’s a lot of Beatlejuice….

Mary-Kate and Ashley celebrate their 32nd birthday on June 13. It feels like only last week they were 31….

Sunday, June 17 was Father’s Day or as it’s known in my house, “Old Spice Day”….You know, I can still remember that paternity test like it was yesterday….

Recently, I got caught telling a white lie. Now everyone thinks I’m a republican….

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