In the mix: John McCain, Eric Trump and The Most Interesting Man in the World


President Trump said Friday he is “100 percent” willing to testify under oath. Oath is the Russian prostitute’s name….

Who says Donald Trump isn’t cool? To get in the spirit of things, Donald played the drinking game every time he tweeted during the Comey hearing….

After watching the hearing, Dos Equis has announced they just found their new Most Interesting Man in the World: James Comey….

And what’s going on with John McCain? I think the only thing left for him to do are commercials for reverse mortgages. Man! He’s so disorientated, he thinks Al Qaeda is a man….

You know, I bet if there’s an audio tape of Trump and Comey in the Oval Office, 18-1/2 minutes will be missing….

And after the Comey hearing, Eric Trump went on TV to defend his dad. Wow! He’s the only one who could make Mortimer Snerd look like Einstein….

Great thing about the Hearing is now we know what’s James Comey’s favorite song: “Lordy Miss Clawdy”….

Authorities have arrested NSA leaker Reality Winner. She’ll now be known as the Biggest Loser….

India hopes new rocket can carry humans into space. Can a 7-Eleven be far behind?….

Scientists discover a scorching planet hotter than most stars. Naturally, the Kardashians beg to differ….

TSA wants you to adopt dogs that failed training. It’s not that they can’t sniff drugs, it’s that they do them too….

A truck full of Bud Light tips over and spills its contents on an Arizona highway. No one gets upset….

Newly discovered Homo sapiens fossils discovered are oldest we’ve seen. Or as Larry King calls them, mom and dad….

Phil Collins hospitalized after fall in hotel room. He plans to Sussudio….

Amal Clooney has twins. She also gave birth….

All this talk online about Twin Peaks. I’m like, is Dolly Parton trending?….

Sunday was the 71st annual Tony Awards. It’s the only show that can close down a gay bar for the night….

You know, I was going to participate in a LGBT march, but I find it’s more convenient to watch the Tony’s….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at

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