In the mix: Kanye, the Museum of Pizza and Charlie Rose vs. Tom Brokaw

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President Trump says he’s “seriously thinking” of creating “Space Force,” adding, “It will be just like playing “Asteroids”…

Earlier this week, Trump rips Justice Department in stinging set of tweets. He knows he can’t let Kanye get all the attention….

New Reuters poll says democrats are losing ground with millennials. But one free Starbucks gift card in the mail should change that….

U.S. unemployment hits a new low. But will rise after the mid-term elections….

Sinkholes in Florida force evacuations. It’s the first ever challenge to “Stand your ground”….

A Museum of Pizza is coming to NYC. Rats from everywhere line up….

A San Francisco airport worker has been charged with killing the fiancé of a co-worker he had a crush on. Judge revoked bail due to him being a flight risk…..

Woman rushes to ER with live roach in her ear. She tells doctor this will bug her for life….

Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers cannot tell the time. Now that’s what I call a time-out!…

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces Amazon bringing 3,000 new tech jobs to Vancouver. Prime jobs, no less….

There’s a new Malaysian Law that will jail you for spreading fake news. Pinocchio asks Geppetto for a nose job….

Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day. And here I thought texting and driving was dangerous….

On May 1 there were May Day celebrations all over the world. Except on sinking ships….

Sunday is Sigmund Freud’s birthday. A big celebration is to be held tonight at the Oedipus Complex….

Yale revokes Bill Cosby’s honorary degree, something it has never done. Well, at least he still has his pudding pops….

Charlie Rose accused of sexual harassment by 27 more women. Tom Brokaw: “I should have worked for PBS!”….

Elmer’s Glue congratulates the losers of the Kentucky Derby….

Saturday was also Cinco de Mayo. While playing golf, George W. Bush was asked about his plans for Cinco de Mayo. He replied, “First I’d like to Cinco this putto”….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at


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