In the mix: Keith Richards, Carnival Cruise Lines and E. coli

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President Trump ordered the creation of “Space Command” recently, which is a precursor to creating a US Space Force. Apparently, applicants will be taken from a pool of space cadets.

Fans of Hershey’s Kisses are complaining that the iconic candy is missing tips. Apparently, to be certified as kosher, they had to get a bris.

A California college student claims Southwest Airlines forced her to abandon her pet fish at the airport. As a consolation, they did allow her to keep the leash.

The bad news: California farm expands E. coli recall to cauliflower and many lettuce types. The good news: Fiber One sales skyrocket.

A new report claims Facebook secretly let Netflix and Spotify read your private messages. If they hire Kreskin, we’ll really be screwed.

For a limited time, Popeyes is selling an “Emotional Support Chicken.” Livers protest: “What am I, chopped liver?”

Carnival Cruise Lines to introduce ship with a roller coaster. Or you can just wait for a rogue wave.

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones celebrated his 75th birthday. Who says The Walking Dead is fiction?

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