In the mix: Les Moonves, Melania Trump watches CNN and a ‘Fraiser’ re-boot

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It’s reported that Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has 183 tapes. And not one LP or CD….

A new report says President Trump wishes Tom Brady were his son-in-law. Poor Jared — he feels deflated….

While on Air Force One, Trump complained to Melania about her watching CNN. She reportedly told him that she’ll “Watch any channel she wants!” She’s now been barred from attending presidential events in the Rose Garden….

Ex-Press Secretary Sean Spicer got heckled at NYC book signing. He became so scared he hid behind a bush….

Facebook bans Alex Jones for 30 days. He calls it a “conspiracy”….

The world’s oldest person has died. Again….

Zoo handlers accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra. Ironically, handlers will eventually be wearing stripes too….

Man drops $3,000 engagement ring in pond during proposal. When she said to him “How could you do this?” he replied, “I thought you liked to play ‘go fish?’”…..

Americans will now be allowed to 3D-print their own guns. What worries me is the day they let us make them in IMAX….

Virginia man finds python inside his toilet bowl. You know, there’s nothing scarier than finding your bowel movement actually moves….

Naked man found doing jumping jacks in restroom of Nashville McDonald’s. Talk about a Happy Meal!….

CBS CEO Les Moonves accused of sexual misconduct after babysitting Harvey Weinstein’s plants….

Kelsey Grammer says a Frasier reboot is a possibility. Just stay away from Ambien….

Disney and Fox shareholders approve $71.3B merge. As you know, movies are magic. And like magic, watch the jobs disappear…

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