In the mix: Matzo balls, a stinging ordeal and a Kardashian camera phone?

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Nokia plans to release a cell phone with rear cameras. They call it the Kardashian….

Barnes & Noble to begin new CEO search. Shareholders expect him/her to do things by the book….

Ford recalls two million of its top-selling F-150 pickups. I’m lucky if I can recall what I ate for dinner….

Man gets penis stung by Stingray when swimming in the sea. Though when he noticed the swelling, he stopped complaining….

Santa Fe police arrests thieves who stole trash cans. Otherwise known as garbage collectors….

Italian director flashes “Weinstein is innocent” T-shirt at Venice Film Festival. If he really empathized with Weinstein, he would have brought along a potted plant as his date….

Nineteen passengers on a quarantined Emirates flight were confirmed sick. Well, I’m sure it wasn’t from pork….

Subway offers halal meat in 200 stores after “strong demand” from Muslims. And for the Jewish clientele, footlongs are to be cut in half…

It’s now the Jewish New Year of 5779 and Larry King is still writing 5778 BC on his checks….

The Jewish New Year will never be the same without Dick Clark….

You know, my wife was very busy preparing for Rosh Hashanah. She complains ordering in is so exhausting….

For those wondering….no, matzo does not have balls….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at


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