In the mix: Sarah Sanders’ farewell, another Tesla bites the dust and a roommate named Bubba

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Esquire magazine reports that President Trump is surrounded by 17 lawyers to protect him from Robert Mueller. Surrounded by 17 lawyers? If that’s not a wall, I don’t know what is….

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will leave her job at the end of the year. She plans to host her own show, Beat the Press…

Self-driving Tesla collides with autonomous robot in Las Vegas. Apparently, A.I. can get D.U.I….

A woman’s rare condition renders her unable to hear male voices. Rare? That’s called marriage….

A Florida woman breaks into a Boynton Beach police sub-station and eats officer’s lunch. It must have been “Florida Man’s” day off…

A man was arrested after stealing his roommate’s winning lottery ticket worth $10 million. The man now has a new roommate named Bubba….

Researchers say there was a sharp rise in US carbon emissions in 2018. Surprisingly, the biggest culprit isn’t the burning of fossil fuels, but the toxicity in Congress….

A fighter jet vanishes from radar in eastern France. So glad it’s not Malaysian or they’d never find it….

Chinese state media says any U.S.-China trade agreement must involve “give and take.” Sure. We give them iPhones, they take South Pacific islands….

It turns out that Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos are divorcing. Apparently, they didn’t sign a pre-nup. It’s reported that she wants his money shipped overnight…..

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