In the mix: Sesame Street’s new homeless puppet and The Donald, Nancy, Chuck and Mike Show

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Donald Trump threatens to sue “Saturday Night Live” over “It’s a Wonderful Life” parody. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard since George W. Bush pronounced the word “nuclear”….

VP Mike Pence attended a meeting with President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. When asked about it, Pence replied, “What meeting?”….

Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison. If all goes well, he could be released before his tube of KY is emptied….

You know, I don’t understand how members of the GOP do not believe in climate change. I mean, look at all those tweet storms that occurred since Trump took office….

Trump now threatens to use the military to build his wall. No tanks….

He also threatens to close down the government. Thanks, Amazon…..

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir sales top three million. And that’s just in Kenya….

The bad news: Johnson and Johnson knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder. The good news: babies were fireproofed….

KFC creates fried chicken scented fire log. It’s fire licking good!….

Virgin Galactic test flight aims for the edge of space. So, is it still virgin if it penetrates space?….

Actor sues after pinky gets stuck in plane armrest. Actually, it’s not the first time a passenger gave an airline the finger….

Oldest message in a bottle found on an Australian beach. Sting wonders if he can sue….

Sesame Street introduces its first homeless Muppet. In the muppeteer’s defense, they only have so many hands…..

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at


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