In the mix: ‘Sloppy Steve,’ Kathy Lee Gifford drinks alone and Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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President Trump gave himself credit for 2017 being the safest year in aviation history. But as far as train wrecks go, his administration is a doozy….

And now Trump is fighting with Steve Bannon. This isn’t a presidency, this is the Wide World of Sports….

“Fire and Fury”… It’s what happens to Trump after he eats those Taco Bowls….

Take note of the following program change: Coming up next on the Gorilla channel, the premiere episode of “Sloppy Steve”….

Since January 1, recreational marijuana is legal in California. Now every highway is known as the 420…

Hundreds of people participated in Coney Island’s annual New Year’s Day Polar Plunge, despite the abnormally frigid temperature. Some received frost bite, while most suffered from a really bad case of shrinkage….

Scientists say chocolate may be extinct by 2050 due to global warming. That’s why I’ve invested in M&M’s. They only melt in your mouth….

Man’s car breaks after squirrel fills it with hundreds of acorns. That’s nuts….

Iguanas are falling from trees in Florida. It’s a sign they’re ripe….

And how ‘bout that cold wave gripping the nation! It’s so cold, you don’t need Netflix to chill….

It’s so cold, Walt Disney got freezer burn….

Yeah, it may be bitter cold on the east coast, but since recreational marijuana was legalized, California is the one place setting record highs….

Lately, there’s been an unexpected surge in North Korean soldiers defecting to South Korea. This after they heard there’s fresh tree bark over the border….

North Korea reportedly hit one of its own cities in a failed missile test. Death totals are unknown, but residents were happy there was finally something to eat….

You know, I find it ironic, that in the Middle East, if you get caught doing drugs, you can get stoned….

Seth Meyers walked a fine line between the #metoo movement and Christina Hendricks’ golden globes….

Hoda Kotb named new co-anchor of NBC’s Today replacing Matt Lauer. Poor Kathy Lee Gifford. She’ll have to start drinking alone….

Playboy says they may cease publication of its magazine. I hope not. I’m really pulling for them….

And I’m proud to announce, I have my Martin Luther King Jr. Day decorations up….

Howie Fox resides in New York, though his mind can often be found in the gutter. He writes for comedians when not kvetching. He can be reached at


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