In the mix: Ted Cruz, Charlie Sheen and Jesus Christ

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Did you see there was a fire at Trump Tower? Though it’s a bit late to blame it on Jared burning the chometz….

Donald Trump reportedly wasn’t too happy with this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll after they forgot the duck sauce….

Trump signs order directing National Guard to deploy troops on U.S.-Mexico border. Montezuma promises revenge….

Texas woman asks Ted Cruz “to prove” he’s “human.”  Well, he does go around like he has a microchip on his shoulder….

U.S. economy adds 103,000 jobs in March. And those are just to replace everyone Trump’s fired….

First luxury hotel in space announced. Ironically, space is what the rooms lack….

Teacher who hosted white nationalist podcast resigns. To make ends meet, she’s teaching those interested in the goose step….

170-million year old dinosaur tracks have been discovered. But the most interesting thing is — they lead right to Larry King’s house….

Ford recalls 350,000 F-150s and Expeditions. Wow! I’m lucky if I can recall last night’s dinner!….

The weather during month of April has been wild. In fact, April hasn’t seen this much white stuff since Charlie Sheen’s doctor looked up his nose….

Due to the success of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, NBC has given the go-head to a new live musical next year. It’s a sequel about the 2016 Presidential election entitled: Jesus Christ! What Just Happened?….

Jimmy Fallon will share hosting duty with rapper Cardi B on The Tonight Show. It’s the first time the show will be broadcast in black and white since the 1960s….

Shoe company Nine West goes south….

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