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Yoga for Actors with James Morrison of “24”

Actor James Morrison.

Actor James Morrison.

Accessing intuition, celebrating freedom, honoring instincts and trusting the process are key to manifesting our creativity. In this very special, intimate evening with acclaimed actor, filmmaker and yogi James Morrison (24’s Bill Buchanan), your spirit will be touched, your intuition and imagination freed and your deepest creative reservoirs tapped. Witness your creative potential expand in the compassionate, inspiring presence of Morrison, a White Lotus Foundation-trained yoga instructor.
Begin the evening with a full-length intuitive flow yoga class led by Morrison, who offers an eclectic, energetic practice with an enthusiastic regard for the evolutionary art and infinite possibilities of Hatha yoga. Then, enjoy never-before-seen film clips from Showing Up, Morrison’s forthcoming, much-anticipated documentary about the highs and lows of life as a working actor, featuring interviews with Sam Rockwell, Philip Baker Hall, Kristin Chenoweth and countless other acting greats. The evening will conclude with a candid Q&A and discussion in which Morrison will answer your most compelling questions about craft and practice alike.
A brilliant actor and beloved yoga instructor, Morrison will powerfully reconnect you with the loving, childlike spirit of your creativity and your yoga practice. Do not miss this very special opportunity to honor yourself and your creativity.
Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for this event, as it will sell-out. Pre-registration can be done in person, on the phone (818-760-0112) or, easiest of all, online ( Click on “Schedule,” “Go Directly to Check-In/Sign-Up,” then “Workshops/Special Events.” Scroll down to “Intuitive Flow: Yoga for Actors,” and make your purchase in advance. It’ll save you money and guarantee you a spot in this amazing workshop!

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