Is it your time to sing and play?

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Remember when you made plans to learn something new?

The heat is on. The TV is on and so is the computer. The cell phone is ready. And so are the tablets, the Echo and the Alexa. It is so magical that we are connected to the whole world all of the time!

But what about that guitar you used to play? The piano? The ukulele you got at the holidays that you have yet to pick up? Remember when you made plans to learn something new? Remember when you thought about how cool it would be to have a bunch of songs you could sing and play? You were even starting to write songs. Why didn’t you finish?

In the overwhelming world of information and technology, sometimes personal creativity gets left behind. A feeling of shame and sadness can lead us to postpone getting back to that musical part of ourselves.

Do we have time? Can we afford it? “Many times we get so busy listening to our devices,” remarks Feef Mooney, Director of Music for Life Coaching, “that we lose our own voices. Something feels missing, or off, and it is hard to know how to get our music back!”

You do not have to be alone in picking up your instrument, singing the songs you would like to sing! Feef Mooney has been coaching music lovers for over 20 years. She will work with you on setting your goals, and creating a budget that will fit your needs.

So why hesitate? Call Feef at (818) 487-0608 or email It is your time to sing and play!


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