It’s a Happy Mother’s Day for Celebrity Moms at NBC Presentations


Kathy and Paris Hilton.

Famous mothers and daughters paraded through the interview sessions to promote the NBC-Universal Networks’ summer programs. The press day was held recently at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, and the folks at NBC were wonderful hosts. They brought out a great lineup of celebrities who chatted away about their shows, but it was most interesting to hear what the moms had to say about their kids, and vice versa.

Paris Hilton was there with her soft spoken mother Kathy to talk about the upcoming The World According to Paris reality series on the Oxygen channel. A feistier celebrity mom was Sharon Osbourne, who gushed about being part of America’s Got Talent sixth season. Sharon was also exuberant talking about her daughter Kelly Osbourne, who is joining the panel of hosts on Fashion Police, E! Entertainment’s style show with Joan Rivers. Joan was also there, bellowing about working with her daughter Melissa Rivers, who is the co-executive producer of Fashion Police.

Well, since her mom is such a fashion maven, I had to ask Melissa if she ever raided Joan’s closet. “You know, I was like any kid. I would take and take from the closet: the jackets, the jewelry, the bags, the shoes. My mom has always had the greatest shoes. The problem is, now my feet are bigger, so she takes mine,” Melissa revealed with a big smile.

So who has a better sense of fashion? Melissa explained, “I think we have a radically different sense of fashion. I think my mother is one of those people who looks good without even trying. I’m one of those people that tends to stick to a uniform, because it’s just easier for me.”

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne happily described that she and her mom “are like twins” when it comes to their favorite fashions. “I always steal my mom’s shoes; we’re the same size. She went to Paris this summer on tour with my dad, and came back with all these new shoes. Within seconds of opening her case when she got home, I got them. And she hasn’t gotten them back yet.” Sharon doesn’t seem to mind, because she loves to praise her daughter about the confidence and awakening Kelly had after participating on Dancing with the Stars.

Talking about her mom’s most annoying habit, Paris Hilton said, “She really loves calling me a lot. She hasn’t learned how to text yet, thank God. She’s a stalker. But I love my mom.”

Kathy Hilton talked about participating in her daughter’s reality show The World According to Paris, and said, “It’s very real, and we really did get into it. I opened my house for the first time, with Brooke, Paris, Nicky and the whole family. When you’re working for five months with everyone 16 hours a day, you really do get to be a fly on the wall, and you can’t leave things out. There are always surprises, drama, craziness and laughter.”

Paris said her new series is different from what she’s done before. “On The Simple Life, I was playing a character and I was a fish out of water, living in places that weren’t my world. Now people will get to see a real behind-the-scenes look at my life. I have nothing to hide. It’s like, ‘What else could happen?’”

Although Kathy knows her daughter has had “bumps in the road,” she told me that she is proud of Paris, “because she’s a good person. People will see that. She goes through ups and downs in relationships. She has a mother and a father who are very vocal with her, regardless of what anyone thinks. She’s very sensitive and thoughtful, not a diva. And I’ve been very impressed with her savvy putting on the producer’s hat,” praised the loving mother.

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