It’s a Woman’s World


Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t hate women. Honestly I don’t. I am happily married to a woman of whom I love completely. I love my sister and we get along great. I’ve loved my mother all my life and we always got along fine. Some of my best friends are women. Women have worked for me and I’ve worked for them. I have hired women and I have worked side by side with women. I don’t have a problem with women …usually. Okay, I don’t like pushy women, but I don’t like pushy men either. I don’t like bullies whichever sex they happen to be. In general, though, I don’t hate women. Remember that as you read my following comments.

Having entered my sixth decade on earth, I have noticed that the world has changed dramatically just in my lifetime. It is no longer a man’s world, it is most definitely a women’s world now. With the possible exception of sports, almost all of our daily life is geared towards women. Stores, products, entertainment, food, hotels, culture – most of it designed for female tastes.

More women are in politics than ever before and the likelihood that I will see a woman president of the United States in my lifetime is not only possible, it is probable. It almost happened last time, and it might very well happen next time.

Women are at the top of major corporations in a big way. There are woman CEOs in every kind of business imaginable from entertainment, to publications, to consumer products, to electronics, to computers to fashion to… well, everything and anything. When Mark Hurd, the head of Hewlett-Packard, was forced to resign recently, the company chose Chief Financial Officer Cathie Lesjak as interim CEO. The old complaint that women just can’t get to the top of a company is not true anymore.

A study by the Royal College of Physicians last year found that the number of female doctors will be more than that of male doctors within the next few years. In article after article magazines such as Business Week and TIME have published reports on how the growing ranks of women doctors are transforming the medical profession. About half of all law students today are women. Currently more than 40% of all practicing attorneys are women. And the number of women in the clergy continues to increase.

More young women enter college and universities today than do young men. School curriculums are slanted more to the female student in English departments and other liberal arts departments than ever before. Women are graduating with higher degrees and in greater numbers than are men. It stands to reason, then, that in the future the better jobs will be going to women.

The point is that the women’s liberation movement has worked. Opportunities for women continue to increase with each year. The way the world thinks is more in tune with female thinking than it is male now, which is a big change from centuries of history. What does this mean for men? With the women taking over, what will the role be for men in the future? Maybe just as laborers, like the worker ants. Not too many girls want to go into ditch digging, roofing, or garbage collecting.

The traditional local news broadcasts used to feature one male and one female as co-anchors. Lately I’m seeing some stations with TWO women anchors! What’s that all about? Most of the reporters in the field now are women and most of the news reporters on radio are women. Women announcers on TV and on radio are much more prevalent than are men. I miss those deep masculine voices.

As I said, I don’t hate women but I do wonder what the future will be for the new young men coming up. It seems so much of what used to be normal is no longer normal. Centuries and centuries of traditions are being erased and altered. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it does appear to be happening at an accelerated rate. Women are doing what used to be the man’s role and men are doing whatever women don’t want to do, I guess. Is this a good thing? Only the future will know for sure.

But I don’t hate women. Honest.

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