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And now for some GOOD news for a change. A serial rapist/murderer was executed. The only bad part was that it took over twenty years to get it done. Way back in 1988 Darryl Durr was found guilty of the kidnap, rape and murder of 16-year-old Angel Vincent, and ever since, he and his lawyers have been engaged in appeals. Right up until the end they tried to delay the guy’s execution by claiming he was allergic to the anesthesia to be used in the lethal injection. Too allergic to die, I guess. Fortunately his ridiculous appeal was denied and he was finally put to death.

I love the way these defense shysters claim “cruel and unusual punishment” for bums who commit the most cruel and unusual crimes against weak, innocent kids. Durr lived 22 additional years after he raped and murdered Angel Vincent, longer than his victim’s entire life. “But Greg, he was in prison all that time. Isn’t that punishment enough?” No, it isn’t. You see, even though he was in jail, he was alive. He was still able to breathe, to enjoy many of the pleasures of life. He was able to enjoy the taste of food, to smell flowers, to watch television, listen to radio and music, read, and exercise. His 16-year-old victim was dead.

The murderer’s defense lawyer Kathleen McGarry told the Ohio District Court last week that she found evidence that Durr was allergic to anesthesia after reviewing his 800-page medical history report. McGarry said in court documents she wasn’t aware of the exact allergy Durr had, but wanted to make sure it didn’t include thiopental sodium, the anesthetic Ohio uses in its lethal injection.

“One of the things the Ohio Constitution guarantees is that he has a quick and painless execution,” McGarry said to the Associated Press last week. If he’s going to react to the anesthetic drugs in such a manner that he’s going to have a violent reaction, either vomiting or seizures or whatever the spectrum is that could happen, then obviously the execution has problems,” she said. I wonder how quick and painless Angel Vincent’s death was at the hands of McGarry’s demented client.

What we really need in our legal system is a truly fair definition of what constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.” I’m a fair guy. I wouldn’t want a person to get punished beyond the crime that he perpetrated. That, in my opinion, would be “cruel and unusual punishment.” However, I’m a firm believer in equality. You should get what you give.

If I were king of the world, I would say that murderers should receive punishment which is equal to the level of pain and suffering that they perpetrated on their victim. No more, no less. Equal rights. In my view, it is not cruel and unusual to give the murderer the same thing that he gave his victim. Doesn’t that make sense?

This bum kidnapped, raped, and then strangled a 16 year old to death. Can you imagine the level of torture that kid went through? It seems to me that dying by a lethal injection after 22 years of additional life is pretty darn “humane” for this murderer. Much better than he deserves, actually. This murderer should have been snuffed out twenty years ago.

So many states are going through budget problems. Prisons are over-crowded. But instead of relaxing parole requirements and giving some felons early release, here’s a better idea on how to solve the over-crowded prison conditions: start executing the ones who are on death row. Wow! Does that sound CRUEL? Does that sound SHOCKING?

I wonder how we got to a point in our society where so many of us are fine with letting convicted murderers go free, while at the same time having no problem with allowing partial birth abortions on demand. An innocent baby’s life is worth nothing but a rapist/murderer’s life is worth saving. How do people reconcile this? I don’t get it. Maybe I just didn’t go to the right schools.

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