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Baron Rodgers and Kelly Van Halen of KellyBaron Design.

Baron Rodgers and Kelly Van Halen of KellyBaron Design.

“Our intention was to make a traditional home very eco-friendly and energy efficient.” That’s what Kelly Van Halen was enthusiastically explaining at a private event she hosted with her husband Baron Rodgers, partners in KellyBaron Design. They were showcasing a small, traditional home in the charming enclave of Colfax Meadows in Studio City. They had just completely remodeled the home from the ground up, utilizing renewable resources, solar panels, low VOC paints and many other things that made it a “green” house.
KellyBaron Design provides residential design development, construction and interior design services “and we specialize in quality custom homes with special attention to detail,” she said. That special attention is directed at making homes “green” and, yet, makes sure the home is lovely and inviting, as they did with the Studio City property that had wood floors and not a sign of the solar panels to detract from the beauty of the neighborhood.
“That’s the whole point of what we do,” Baron said. “It just shows people that there’s an option. You don’t have to look like you live in a shoe box if you want to live green. You can still have a wonderful traditional home and still meet all the same qualifications as those who are extremely eco-friendly. This house is 90% solar, so it produces all its own energy. It’s just a choice and materials. There are all the right materials out there. You just have to choose the right ones.”
As a contractor, Baron is great at explaining what goes into creating such an energy efficient house, whether you have a cozy, little home in Studio City or a big estate in Toluca Lake, or anything in between. “We absolutely work with what’s there and we try to build what the area can hold. We’re not going to over-build. We try to keep the same feel of the rest of the neighborhood, to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood and take all the neighbors into consideration when we build.” That’s very important because you want to be good neighbors for a long time.
Baron points out that people are trying to save money these days and building environmentally friendly can help with energy costs. And with KellyBaron Design’s experienced team guiding homeowners, it can also be designed to look very nice.


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