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By Matt Harris

Whitney West, owner of L.A. West Landscaping.

Whitney West, owner of
L.A. West Landscaping.

As the summer approaches, many Californians still look to landscape their property. Mr. Whitney West, owner of LA West Landscape, believes that the best landscaping comes from a comprehensive understanding of design, planting, irrigation & construction principles, and clear communication with the customer. Mr. West is formally trained in Landscape Architecture and is a CA. Licensed Landscape Architect and Contractor who has been in the business for over 30 years. He is also a CA. Certified Irrigation Auditor and water conservation is one of his top priorities. “I’m well versed in water conservation and it’s something that’s not dealt with enough,” Mr. West says. “By laying the correct groundwork for an efficient irrigation system, you can save a lot of money and hassle.”

With his education and experience, Mr. West gravitated towards the more gratifying residential sector and takes pride in creating beautiful landscapes & garden projects that age well. “Many of the projects I design have plants or some other element that stand out year round,” he explains. As many yards deteriorate over time, Mr. West makes an effort to create a strong foundation for the landscape to thrive for many years to come. “A lot of this comes from my extensive horticulture & landscape knowledge, careful planning and honest evaluation of the property, budget, and desires of the customer.” When starting a project, Mr. West likes to meet with the client, get a feel for their needs, budget and give his unbiased opinion about what can be done.

After a project is completed, Mr. West has a “call anytime policy” for customer service. If any issues arise, he is just a quick phone call away. Customer follow-ups are a regular priority and help maintain a great relationship with the client, which ensures a beautiful thriving yard and a happy customer. Above all, Mr. West believes in creating a lasting design based on customer needs, with recommended regular proper maintenance throughout the year. For more information concerning LA West Landscape please check out or call (323) 654-4779.

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