Law Wars – The Strikeforce


By Anthony Cross

May the law be with you!

From l, Jack J. Gold and Rich Wagner, associates of Jack J. Gold’s Criminal Defense Strikeforce.

Los Angeles has a newly-formed law firm that is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, a Strikeforce. If you ever find yourself in a legal predicament with nowhere to turn and are looking for the best possible outcome, Jack J. Gold and his criminal defense attorneys will fight for your rights — the right way — by understanding your situation in accordance with the law and using their experience, tools and techniques to lessen and reduce what charges you may be facing. Most importantly, these Jedi lawyers care about their clients and giving them “A New Hope!”

Jack J. Gold has been practicing law for 40 years. Twenty-six of those years, he was a Superior Court Commissioner in the Criminal and Juvenile Departments of the largest criminal court in the country. He founded the original Los Angeles County Juvenile Court

Bar Association and has worked on some of the most highly profiled juvenile cases — sometimes even defending minors who could be tried as adults.

“To anyone’s kid who gets in trouble, you can hire a public defender who’s handling thirty to forty cases or a court appointed lawyer — they’re fairly good,” Jack says.

Jack’s associate Rich Wagner, who specializes in DUI’s, quickly jumps in. “Those are excellent choices, but who would you want to handle your kid’s case? This guy was a judge for twenty-six years!”

Jack and Rich explain that this is like multiple firms within a firm. Four associates, each specializing in (but not limited to) a particular area of law. The other members of the Strikeforce Council are: Curt Leftwich, who handles Federal Court, Adoptions and Heavy Felonies, and Joe Vodnoy — Jack’s college professor — who also does Federal Court and Heavy Felonies.

“We’re coming together to form a collaborative criminal defense firm,” Rich says.

The Strikeforce can work individually, and sometimes they have cases with multiple defendants on federal charges where someone could be looking at fifteen to twenty years. And that’s when the Strikeforce unites their powers.

While speaking with these guys, I had a great sense that they care about their clients. And that’s what they said. They take their cases personal. They understand that it’s hard for clients to get in touch with their lawyers. Not the Strikeforce. They stand by accessibility. Reaching out, advising and knowing how to adapt to each client by translating the information in terms they can understand. Building friendships and assuring you they’re there to help. But the main attribute they have: experience.

If you ever find yourself on the Dark Side with your back against the wall, my only suggestion to you is to use the force. The Strikeforce!

The Criminal Defense Strikeforce or Law Office of Jack J. Gold and Associates is located at 643 S. Olive St., Ste. 600 in Los Angeles. They can be reached at (213) 893-7500, (818) 522-4078 or (714) 403-6317. Email Jack J. Gold at

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