I want to Talk about the many ways to leap forward on this bonus leap-year day in February.


The cast of “Modern Family,” proudly holding their SAG Awards, is for the SAG-AFTRA merger.

Again, with faithful countenance, and cheerful semi-patience, the time to Vote is upon us, the membership of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, to gain strength and security as one union. As in all super significant things, there are different opinions. And, following my head and my heart, I sincerely believe in the future of SAG-AFTRA. One union.

The minority who are opposed have doubts that this can or should work, and desire answers to questions that cannot be answered. Here’s the Catch-22: We all want to know how the Health and Retirement Funds will work when the unions are merged. Now, each individual union’s plans are private entities with their own Board of Governors. They lawfully have to do their daily work until the merger is a done deal. When it is, the blending process can begin. And here is where the Trust begins. Do we believe that the Funds, where half the Governors are performers, want to make this work to benefit performers? Why would they not? Some doubters are of the mind that they are “out to screw us,” and send wild flinging emails. They file the usual lawsuits to derail the merger. I have great respect for some of those who doubt the deal, and I even love a few very much, but it’s time to agree to disagree.

So, I’m with the leap of faith, fellow players. Like our own United States of America, a new Constitution is rarely a perfect thing. With time and experience, amendments have been made to form a more perfect union.

Luckily, SAG-AFTRA offers a very good Constitution. Read it yourself on the union’s web pages — many of our biggest stars have. Lauren Bacall and John Turturro have joined the pro-merger bandwagon. Their names will be added to the list of endorsers on the unions’ sagaftra.org site alongside George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Olivia Spencer, Rosanne Cash, Alec Baldwin, Sally Field, Tony Shalhoub, Jon Cryer, Kate Walsh, and Robert DeNiro. The cast of Hawaii Five O and the cast of Modern Family are in … plus so many more. These are very centered people who believe in SAG-AFTRA.

So do Betty White and Louis Black.

These are working actors who are for this merger. They have a lot at stake and would not support anything that would hurt themselves and other performers. They know that with the two different actors unions that the power of collective bargaining is diminished. The answer: ONE UNION.

Decades ago, some union members had the strength and determination to fight for a Health Plan and for a Pension Plan and for residuals. They took risks for the future actors. We must never forget this bravery. And now is the time to take our own risks for the future actors who will need a strong union to protect them in these complicated days. No one knows where our work will pop up with all the technology beyond our wildest imagination. A powerful union, undivided, is the only logical way to go. This is an idea whose time has finally come, again. And now.…

Check the Statement of Support and the signers. Read the documents. Be really informed, not just frightened off.

With a tidy mind, body, and spirit, I clearly support leaping into all things good.


Systemically, physical leaping is good and aids the digestive system. I learned this on a detox weekend with my girl friend Yuki Morita Scott. We leapt into the “We-Care” concept and are chewing on our food and our thoughts, saying “Thank you” everyday, and avoiding stress. I’ll take this moment to thank Yuki for being my own personal Don Quixote-ette, on the courageous quest to gain health and to lose bloat. And on our way home from this peaceful place, we experienced the giant freeway jam on the 10, that made the front page of the Times. Lucky for our faithful countenance, we endured the five-hour wait, if not cheerfully, at least semi-patiently.

Ready for the fray, we’ll Talk….

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