Learn About the Three “R’s” at Olive Springs Wellness Center


By Cindy Ortiz

Relax, Restore, Revive.

BURBANK, Calif. — Feel the need to “Relax, Restore, and Revive”? The motto of Burbank’s Olive Springs Wellness Center says it all and offers it all.

“We provide all services in one place,” says Dr. Didier Mascarade, who specializes in chiropractic care at the center.

Established in 2008, and with over 20 years of chiropractic and professional massage therapy experience, Dr. Mascarade and his staff offer the city of Burbank various therapeutic services.

Therapies included at their center are not your average type. Clients are offered not only acupuncture and chiropractic services, but also: herb medicine, reflexology, cold and hot stone therapy, acupuncture, and esthetics such as facials, body wraps, and waxing. Massages vary from Swedish, Thai, and Japanese Shiatsu to sports and pregnancy massages.

Dr. Mascarade himself is a competitive tennis player and his athletic experience helps him understand an athlete’s physical pain. He has treated, at the center, well-known tennis athletes such as Cecil Mamiit, a retired professional tennis athlete who represented the Philippines, and Tamira Paszek from Austria who ranks No. 41 in the WTA.

The center also works with many types of insurance companies, and treats personal injury cases such as car accidents as well, Dr. Mascarade says.

“We work as a team … we cater to [the client’s]needs,” Dr. Mascarade says. His staff includes an acupuncturist with 20 years of practice; C.A.M.T.C. licensed and highly trained massage therapists; a certified esthetician; and a fitness director with over 15 years of fitness training.

Their way of welcoming clients is offering a $49 massage for the first visit, which would normally range at $75, and additional discounts are followed once a client joins a member or corporate program, free of charge.

Olive Springs Wellness Center is located at 2907 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank. To learn more about their services, visit their website, www.olivespringswellness.com, or contact their office at (818) 729- 8540.

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