Let’s get right to this week’s letters, Sweet Spirits, because I think you’ll agree with me that they’re quite interesting:


Dear Kenny:

Please, please – most importantly – answer this letter truthfully. Don’t be afraid of telling me what your spirits have to say about me and my situation. I really want to know what to do.

I’m 21 years old, female, and I think I have a nice body, nice teeth and hair, nice legs and in general am most attractive to all males, it seems.

My fiancé Gregg realizes this, too. Even when we’re together men look at me and smile or wink. Gregg is 24 years old, tall, blond and very, very good-looking – like a movie star. So even though I like it that men look at me, Gregg is the one who’s special.

Here’s my problem: we’ve set our wedding date for August 19. We’re thinking about going to secure the minister, church and then getting a place for the reception. We’re also ready to get invitations engraved.

At a party recently, lots of pictures were being taken and last night Gregg came over to my house for dinner. Afterwards, we were seated on the sofa looking at the photos and out of the clear blue sky he stood up, holding one of the photos, and said, “You know, Courtney, I really don’t think we should get married. I could get another girl.”

I thought he was joking at first, but then realized he was serious. He told me that there was only one photo of us together at the party, but lots of pictures of me with other guys. I know he was jealous – he told me I was “hanging” all over the other guys!

Ok, I like to flirt a little – but why would we call off the wedding? What should I do? Does he mean it?


Dear Courtney:

Yes, Gregg means it… and I think he has more psychic ability than you give him credit for. From your vibrations on the letter (and the photo that you sent to me, which allows me to read your aura as well as Gregg’s) I sense that you are not at all ready to get married. Your fiancé may be special to you, but I feel that even though you wrote quite flattering things about yourself in your letter, you have a great deal of insecurity deep inside. You feel the need to be loved or at least desired by everyone in an effort to prove to yourself that you’re worthwhile.

Courtney, for a young woman supposedly in love and planning a wedding, you spend too much time noticing other men admiring you and then encouraging them by posing for photos with them instead of your fiancé.

Please do both yourself and Gregg a favor and cancel the wedding plans. If you two are meant to be together you’ll find a way to make it work at a later date. But for now, get it out of your system about other men. Find ways other than flirting to feel confident and self-assured. Establish your career, volunteer, do things creatively or financially that will allow you to feel good about yourself. As you mentioned, you are a very nice-looking young woman (just as Gregg is a nice-looking young man). But that should not be the basis of your self-confidence and happiness.

It’s not too common that I receive letters from females who are not ready to commit to a relationship – but in this case, it appears to be true for you. Gregg, I feel, is ready to settle down and enjoy a happy marriage. If so, it may be for the best that you two step apart from one another and evaluate your true feelings and hopes for the future. All the best to both of you.

Attention Readers: I know I’ve mentioned many times, including at the end of each column, that you should write, seal and mail your letter yourself so that I can sense your vibrations. But as Courtney did, at any time that you would also like to enclose a colored photo, it is most appreciated and gives me yet another psychic “tool” to work with, since I can read your aura and sense additional vibrations. It’s certainly not mandatory since I can and do give readings without having a photo. But feel free to send a photo if you so desire. Please note that due to the volume of mail I cannot return the photo unless you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Dear Kenny:

My darling dog of 16 years, Suzette, passed away 6 weeks ago. She was truly like my baby and my heart breaks from missing her every day.

She was such a sensitive little girl and was always able to know how to cheer me up if I was unhappy.

Lately I swear that I’ve heard her crying by the side of my bed like she used to do when she wanted to curl up with me at night. I’ve also heard her (I think) barking in the kitchen. I think she just wants me to know she’s around me, and it does give me some comfort.

I believe very strongly in the spirit world and hope that I’m right about this. But my sister and also my best friend tell me I’m just imagining the whole thing. They say when animals pass away that’s the end of it. Please, Kenny – is there, as I believe, an animal heaven?


Dear Julie:

Yes, indeed, there is an animal heaven. And our beloved pets can certainly come back to us in spirit. They loved being with us when they were alive and there’s no reason they can’t continue to love us and want to visit us.

Hopefully it will help you to know that I believe strongly that you will see your little Suzette when one day you pass on. We are reunited with our pets on the other side just as we are reunited with our human loved ones. And what a glorious reunion it will be!

In the meantime, I’ve been told by spirit that there are many souls on the other side who were animal lovers when they were on Earthplane. They choose to be caretakers for the animals who arrive in spirit until they can be brought together once again with their rightful owners. So I’m sure someone is taking very good care of Suzette.

Talk to her when you next sense her presence – tell her you will always love her. And don’t be a bit concerned about what anyone else tells you about animals in spirit. Stay true to your convictions and allow Suzette to offer you the comfort she has always been able to offer.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston visit www.kennykingston.org.

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