Let’s Learn Bookkeeping Helps Local Businesses!!

Jeanne M. Berry, CPA

Jeanne M. Berry, CPA

With today’s economic challenges, many businesses have stopped hiring and the owners must wear many hats including that of the bookkeeper. If you are a business owner that would like to improve their knowledge of bookkeeping, then Let’s Learn Bookkeeping is for you. If you are a business owner whose time may be better spent in focusing on the strengths that you bring to your business, Let’s Learn Bookkeeping has a program that you might be interested in.
Let’s Learn Bookkeeping has an internship program by which its graduates will work at a local business to help them with their bookkeeping needs. This will be under the tutelage of Let’s Learn Bookkeeping. The hours will be based on the needs of the business. Some businesses may need five hours a month and some may need more. The student will gain real world experience and the business will have a professional bookkeeper under the supervision of a CPA helping them with their bookkeeping needs. This internship program is not an employment agency, but an opportunity for both the local businesses and these graduates to have their professional needs met and have a real win-win situation.
Let’s Learn Bookkeeping teaches the fundamentals of bookkeeping and Quickbooks. The graduates will have mastered bookkeeping and Quickbooks concepts upon completion of the course.
Let’s Learn Bookkeeping wants to foster the community by working with the local businesses to provide a win-win opportunity to both the businesses and the graduates.

Let’s Learn Bookkeeping is located at 3506 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505. For more information, contact Jeanne M. Berry, CPA, by phone (818-260-0025), fax (818-845-6660), e-mail (jeanne@jberrycpa.com), or visit her two Web sites www.jberrycpa.com and www.letslearnbookkeeping.com


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