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By Jeanne Berry, CPA

For more information, contact www.LetsLearnBookkeeping.com or (818) 260-0025.

For more information, contact www.LetsLearnBookkeeping.com or (818) 260-0025.

Times are tough and a lot of folks are rethinking their skills. With double digit unemployment, people must recreate themselves to be competitive and to get their foot in the door of prospective employers. The media talks about going back to school or learning a new trade but the idea of spending several months or several years learning a new skill is out of sight because people need to get back to working.
Jeanne Berry, CPA, created Let’s Learn Bookkeeping to provide a means by which people can learn a marketable trade in nine short weeks. The course is designed to empower people by teaching them the honorable trade of bookkeeping. All businesses need bookkeepers, and this career will serve the graduate well for many years.
Let’s Learn Bookkeeping also has an internship program and job placement program. “My graduates demonstrate mastery in the academic concepts of the accounting cycle that very few bookkeepers have in today’s employment arena,” says Jeanne Berry, CPA. This mastery makes them very valuable to businesses that want a professional to handle the most important part of their business—their financial records.
Bookkeeping is a very versatile trade; many catch the entrepreneurial spirit and do bookkeeping for other companies while others prefer to work in the office environment. Bookkeeping is a perfect Plan B while you are waiting for your own career to get back on track.
LLB doesn’t give people fish to eat; it teaches people how to fish so they can feed themselves.


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