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T45-09-Valerie porter Book ReviewMystery lovers won’t want to miss I Can See You by New York Times’ bestselling author Karen Rose. Mary Higgins Clark fans will appreciate the rollercoaster ride, thrill-a-minute aspects of this novel, plus the story’s additional elements of having gone computer savvy.
Set in Minneapolis, the heroine is Eve Wilson, a grad student who was nearly killed years ago during a vicious assault that, at first, left her disfigured. As part of the healing process, she escaped to the online community, where she could remain anonymous yet still interact with others.
Wounds fairly well-healed (at least externally), she works at a bar frequented by the police force, feeling secure there. She also begins a graduate study of the virtual world to help others who hide from the real world. It’s here that the virtual world and reality blur, as one by one her test subjects are brutally murdered.
Detective Noah Webster, who frequents the bar, becomes a member of the team investigating these bizarre murders, in a race against time to prevent the next crime from occurring, as it becomes apparent that a victim list is predictable based on Eve’s study.
Webster has his own mysterious pain to endure, including the fact that he’s drawn to Eve but doesn’t feel he’s a good candidate for a relationship with her.
Their uneasy romance unfolds against the backdrop of the nail-biting murder investigations. One common thread binds them together; they become potential victims themselves.
A dozen suspects will no doubt emerge in the reader’s mind. Think you have it all figured out? Probably not… and that’s half the fun.
When the whirlwind of terror is over, it’s a relief. Yet readers will be left wanting more and waiting for the next novel from this talented storyteller. I Can See You is published by Grand Central Publishing. Enjoy every heart-pounding minute of it!

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