Let Cinema Secrets Freshen Your Kit!


Spring is upon us and it’s time for a good cleaning of “The Makeup Kit.” Cinema Secrets has everything you need to help you renew and refresh your supplies.

The Deep Clean. Pull everything out and giving it a once over. Do you need a new foundation? Are you seeing the bottom of your compact? Is it time to replace that favorite eye, lip, or cheek color or try something new? Have you held onto that mascara for far too long? Make a list of what you need to replace or refill and then give it all a good wipe down with a cosmetics sanitizer.

Keep It Clean. Did you know that even if you’re the only person using your beauty products, bacteria and the natural oils in your skin can contaminate them? You could be putting that on your face! We invest a lot on cosmetics, so why not protect it by using a few easy tips? To help avoid break-outs and irritation, change out the applicators like sponges and powder puffs every few weeks. Think about using a spatula and pallet to pull out product without contaminating it. Regularly use Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner to clean, sanitize, deodorize, and condition all your makeup brushes. You are now ready for your next beauty regime.

Need help or have questions? Let our pros help you. Cinema Secrets is located at 4400 W. Riverside Dr. in Burbank. Give us a call at (818) 846-0579.

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