Life’s Short, Have Fun!

Dog Trainer Gretchen Farrell with GSD Caliban.

Dog Trainer Gretchen Farrell with GSD Caliban.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog. If it is, you’ll want to work with your best friend more often, and he is more likely to look forward to it!
It doesn’t matter what I’m teaching: beginning or advanced obedience, tracking, teaching dogs to dance or to assist owners with physical challenges. Using positive energy when working with the dog increases their desire to learn and perform in all things.
Remember, too, that a good partnership is based on mutual gratification. So there must be a reward for both human and canine when working together. A dog isn’t much different from a human in that we appreciate a pat on the back, but a paycheck is important too. In the human world, the paycheck is usually money. Dogs don’t care about money but they DO need to see a payday just like we do.
Food, play, praise. They’re all motivators (and paychecks for a dog). Since every dog is different, read your dog and use what matters most to him.
Training helps focus your dog’s energies. A reactive brain is what drives a dog to act out in undesired ways. Once we help them learn healthy, focused behavior, we end up with a dog that is non-reactive and steady; a dog who can handle life because we taught them how.
See training as a game you are sharing with your dog, and your success will skyrocket. Try it! Let your frustration go and have some fun!


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