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In the meantime, they’ll be giving you some freebie tips – things you might have never known you needed to know. Until now.

Be Sure to Wipe Your Memory Clean

Without a doubt, you have sensitive information stored on your computer, smartphone, or in the memory of your printer, fax machine, or copier. If you use these machines in your business, you probably also have other people’s sensitive information as well.

When selling or disposing of such equipment (e.g., during an upgrade) be sure to totally wipe out all existing memory prior to letting the old equipment out of your possession. Information that is not completely wiped out can be easily retrieved by subsequent users and may not only be embarrassing and dangerous (in terms of identity theft), but more importantly, may violate your legal duty of confidentiality with regard to your customers, clients, or patients. Remember that simply hitting the “delete” button does not completely remove it from the memory – a full reformat of the hard drive, or “hard reset” of your smartphone, is the only way to ensure complete removal.

The information contained herein is not, nor is it intended to be, specific legal advice and although deemed to be accurate, you should not rely on it without consulting an attorney.

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