Model and Entrepreneur Courtney Bingham


Her favorite memories are gifting underprivileged children in Africa after church one Christmas morning with rocker beau Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe. This is how she rolls.

Courtney Bingham.

Courtney Bingham, international model and entertainment guru at 27, is the Martha Stewart of the younger generation. At a recent charity event, she was taking pics and tweeting the floral displays because she was so moved by their beauty.

Courtney glides into a cool gluten-free café in WeHo. We’re lucky enough to tape a conversation in the back of the restaurant (where it’s quiet) and sit on couches, more comfy than a traditional chair.

While in high school, she became interested in the art of design, whether it’s clothing, furniture, or bedding. As a result, she bought herself a sewing machine. “I couldn’t have everything I wanted, so I went to flea markets and fabric stores in downtown LA. I got into crafts so I could look cool on a budget. My mom is a great lady, but not a cook. Everything I did was by trial and error.”

Courtney Bingham with boyfriend Nikki Sixx of of Mötley Crüe.

It worked for her. The 5’10” beauty got noticed. At 17, her mom accompanied her to Milan so she could peruse a modeling career.

When many people her age are club hopping, Courtney is just as comfy hosting dinner parties for family and friends. She is so hands on, she attends to every detail.

The former Toluca Lake resident says, “I try to do things quickly and inexpensively. It’s fun to be creative. You can find stuff online on Twitter and Facebook. Younger people don’t want to spend hours on a project.”

Courtney blogs on The How 2 Girl, Your DIY Guide to Everything Fabulous. It is a complete guide to crafting, dining, entertaining, décor, fashion, and beauty.

She also just launched Cover Ups by Courtney. She’s modeled enough bathing suits to know what best covers them!

The subject of her famous beau came up. They are usually homebodies. “We recently attended a polo match and he was concerned about how to dress. I knew he didn’t have the white linens, so just said, ‘Do what you do best. Be Nikki.’ The day worked out beautifully. We had a ball.”

The couple met two years ago on a blind date that wasn’t really a date. Courtney had a male friend who asked her to meet Nikki because he wanted to meet new women after a breakup. Since Courtney was a social butterfly, the friend thought she could introduce him to people. That never happened. The two hit it off immediately and the rest is history.

The duo lives in Calabasas. “It was nice and quiet there until all the paparazzi came for a certain family.”

All this talent and she’s a producer too. Last year, she produced Underground Comedy, a comedy with Adrian Brody, Lindsay Lohan, Rob Schneider, and Michelle Rodriguez to be released next year. A former staffer at Paramount, Courtney is developing her own crafty how-to TV show. “I’m a Virgo, so it’s in my genes!”

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