Mora Mora on Bora Bora

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Editor’s Note: The first part of this story ran May 24 in the “Talk with Jackie” column. Visit and search: “Bora Bora” to read it.

JACKIE: We want to write David’s side of the story:

DAVID:  Jackie got it write – right – if you were lucky enough to read her recent account of emptying her bucket list via our Crystal Symphony cruise ship to Paradise. I admit that I was not quite up to chewing what I had bitten off. Though my teeth were a lot better than my legs.

Hollywood icon Doris Day and her friend and co-star Jackie Joseph-Lawrence in 2015.

All things considered, it was a voyage to remember with a whole lot of happy to balance the difficult parts. Mostly there were the friends old and new who proved indispensible; but topping the list was Nurse Jackie who brought to life the promise of “in sickness and in health.”

Special pals like William Squire (celeb Make-up and style guru) and Gary Sullivan (construction marvel) were like my private genies, popping out of the bottle of fizzy anytime and every time I needed help. They got me to the theatre on time, and in comfort, when I lectured (about my 60 years in show biz complete with video clips from a bunch of my TV and movie productions, including M*A*S*H, That’s Hollywood, Fashion Awards, etc.).

Appreciation to entertainment honcho Christopher Escamilla, who was responsible for the presence of all of us entertainers, including Jackie with her own sparkling autobiography (memories of The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Doris Day Show and Little Shop of Horrors, etc).

JACKIE: And other old friends like the great singer Karen Morrow (Broadway star of I Had A Ball, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Follies, Hello Dolly plus lots of TV; Google her and be enchanted), and new friends songwriter Allan Rich (Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe nominee), multi-talented Carter Calvert with hubby Roger Cohen, and superb Glenn Rosenblum, and an all-star Bradway lineup with Carole Demas, Alan H. Green, Danny Zolli and ace writer Cheri Steinkellner that kept Crystal’s Hollywood Theatres filled with laughter and applause for the entire two weeks at sea.

Greg Schreiner created a sensation with his Fashion Show featuring genuine Movie Star’s wardrobe from his famed collection and used the cast and special passengers as models. I wore Dorothy Lamour. The talents of Dee Dee Hanson brought Joan Rivers to the Cruise and was a big hit!

DAVID: In fact we were told afterwards that our performances scored higher than any in Crystal’s past. High marks from the queen of the sea with its luxury accommodations, brilliant service and internationally acclaimed cuisine.  All these much more than simple pleasures made up for the few uncomfortable times I experienced with my naughty gait and balance problems.

And – trumpets, please – they brought joy to my loving and lovely wife.  Especially when Crystal docked at Bora Bora and we left the wonders of our ship behind to be transported via private launch to the off-the-charts Four Seasons Resort for a day and night to always remember.

Five Star luxury in an over the water bungalow suite with breathtaking view of majestic Mount Otemanu. The furnishings were spectacular, the amenities vied for perfection with ours on the Crystal Symphony, and our arrival lunch and final room service breakfast were delicious.  But my heart nearly burst when I watched Jackie walk out our large deck, climb down the ladder into the most gorgeous turquoise lagoon and with a wave of her hand and her trademark smile, swim slowly towards the distant mountain. I knew without doubt ours was the voyage of a lifetime.

JACKIE: Thrills galore! At the resort’s pool we accidented into the adorable Mr. and Mrs. Justin Grimm when they offered David help getting into the water. After some pool “happy talk” we learned that Justin was fresh from winning the World Series as pitcher for the Chicago Cubs! Wowza!  And he was flabbergasted that we knew his hometown hero from Bristol, Virginia. David Browning, the penultimate Barney Fife tribute artist, who Justin met as a little kid and really believed he was Barney. We all met for dinner, and couldn’t have had a better meal or better time.

DAVID: I can’t think of anything better than our time ashore, or anything worth leaving the joyful arms of the Crystal Symphony.  One final day and night onboard and then back to the real —- and really pretty darned good – world of our everyday.

And we’ll travel …

JACKIE: Verklempt

Actress Jackie Joseph-Lawrence and her husband David Lawrence write regularly about travel for The Tolucan Times.


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