More Than a Salad

Chop Stop’s popular BBQ Chop.

Chop Stop’s popular BBQ Chop.

Named one of the “Best 5 Salad Chains in America” last year by Yahoo News, Chop Stop operates on the following conviction. That when you chop a salad so fine you can eat it with a spoon, the flavors combine together for a taste explosion in every bite. Their latest location has just opened in Studio City.

Chop Stop’s slogan is “More Than a Salad.” As founder Mark Kulkis explains: “All that chopping makes one of our meals much more work to prepare than a traditional salad. But it also makes our chops more flavorful and more filling. Just ask all the cops and firemen you see eating at any of our locations, our portions are huge!” They are also fast, a critical factor for people on the go. A typical chop is ready within three minutes.

In addition to chopped salads, Chop Stop offers warm Chopurrito Bowls with rice and beans. Both salads and bowls are also available as wraps. The entire menu is customizable, offering every guest the ability to design a meal to suit their individual tastes from over 40 fresh toppings.

The new Studio City Chop Stop is located at 11990 Ventura Blvd., at the corner of Laurel Canyon (next to Trader Joe’s). Their full menu, nutritional facts, and contact information can be found on their website,


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