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Movies. When I was in my early twenties and just starting out at Disney it wasn’t unusual for me to have gone to the movies three times a week or more. I saw all kinds of pictures, new ones, revivals, foreign, animated, cult, shorts, features, documentaries, you name it. I was a movie junkie. Now if I go out to see one or two new pictures a year it’s a lot. Some years not even that much. It’s a cliché to say it, but they just don’t make ‘em for me anymore. They make ‘em mostly for 12 year olds and the few pictures that do have a semblance of adult storytelling to them are geared to the ultra-liberal mindset. I’m still a movie junkie, but today I get my movie fixes from DVD’s and Turner Classic Movie channel.

I’m really getting sick and tired of how most new movies push a liberal political agenda. It’s really enough already. I get it Hollywood filmmakers, you’re liberal, and your message comes through loud and clear. Now, for a change, how about creating a few pictures that entertain people without any left-wing propaganda? Can it be done? It used to be the normal way of movie-making. I wonder if it’s at all possible anymore.

Actually there’s nothing new about this leftist trend of movie making, it started about 30 or 40 years ago, but it’s been getting progressively (pardon the pun) worse as time goes on. For a long while I tried to overlook it and concentrate on the storyline, but it just isn’t worth the bother anymore. At this point it appears that the mainstream movie industry simply isn’t capable of producing many pictures without a liberal slant to them.

A friend mentioned recently, “I just saw Philomena yesterday, based on a true story – starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. I really enjoyed it, but I got to thinking, I wonder if Philomena’s son had not been gay – would the movie have been made? Would the book have been published?” Social issues permeate the films that are made today. It seems the industry is incapable of making a straight ahead human drama like Johnny Belinda, How Green Was My Valley, Marty, All About Eve, or The Third Man without a progressive social message attached.

The one picture I saw this past year that was an exception to this rule was Gravity. Sandra Bullock was sensational in it. The film was exciting, dramatic, and totally absorbing. And no liberal message hitting me over the head. Just pure entertainment. Frank Capra said it so well when he famously said, “If You Want to Send a Message, Try Western Union.”

This past Academy Awards show featured a 75th anniversary tribute to The Wizard of Oz. That’s nice, but why only Oz? As critics and historians have pointed out, the year 1939 was the magic year for the movie industry. More classic films were released that year than in any other year before or since. So why not also honor Gone with the Wind which was made the same year? Oh, wait. Liberal politics comes into play once again. The liberal movie industry couldn’t possibly honor Gone with the Wind in the very same year that Twelve Years a Slave is being honored! That would destroy the political narrative for them.

Vulgarity in the movies is another big reason I opt out these days. I don’t need to spend money to see and hear ugly stuff. All I have to do is turn on my TV and I get it for free any time day or night. Even something that once was so sweet, like a kiss, is portrayed in today’s movies in a vulgar way. Raunchy has replaced romantic. Here’s what today’s filmmakers don’t get, you don’t need nudity and lust to project sexuality. Just watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in one of their beautiful dance numbers. My wife will tell you, it doesn’t get any sexier than that.

What is it with the progressive, liberal agenda that goes hand in hand with vulgarity and ugliness? Why is that, I wonder. Is it because the progressives are always looking for ways to tear down societal norms? Do they think that by destroying civilized behavior they are making a better world? Why is vulgar preferable to gentility with these people? Why is ugly better than beauty? Disarray preferable to order? Drama doesn’t always have to mean destruction.

There’s plenty more I could say on this, but I’ve got to stop now. Casablanca is going on.

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