Music coach Feef Mooney offers ways to get back to your music

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‘You are never too old to start playing music.’ –Feef Mooney

Feels like fall this week! Remember the feeling of heading back to school, with new clothes, fresh notebooks and a pencil case? Now think about your music. What would you like to learn this fall?

Maybe you’d like to brush up on your vocals! Maybe you have an acoustic guitar that has been sitting in its case for too long. Maybe someone in the family left you a piano you have never touched. Or a ukulele? Maybe you have even had thoughts of playing a guitar and singing your favorite songs with your friend and family, but have no idea how to start?

Feef Mooney came to Los Angeles from Glasgow, Scotland and was under contract with Rondor/ Universal Music and producer Richard Perry in 2003. Feef knows what it takes to get started in music, and now she is proprietor of Music for Life Coaching. She is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who has been coaching, writing and producing music all of her life!

“Trust is a huge factor,” remarks Feef. “You need to trust in your abilities, as well as in someone who will care and be your best friend through your learning process. Going it alone is tough, especially in Los Angeles.”

She believes you are never too old to start playing music. Choose an instrument. Feef will help you to set goals and create a budget.

You will never regret that you went back to school, to learn to express yourself, to connect with others in a beautiful spiritual musical manner, and to redefine who you are becoming.

Call Feef at (323) 251-1215 or email her at Also visit and


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