My Meeting with the New Mayor


Los Angeles has a new mayor.

I was delighted with the outcome of the election. Our new Mayor Eric Garcetti has a proven track record of leadership and accessibility. During his time as president of the City Council, Eric led with great authority and fairness yet wasn’t nonresponsive or wishy-washy. His term as mayor should be productive and progressive if the first day is any sign.

Even before his swearing-in ceremony, he let people know that he wanted to be the “people’s mayor” and, on his first day, would start what would become Mayor’s Hours. From 2-6 p.m. he’d book appointments with regular Joes who have issues they’d like to talk about. Just email him for an appointment. They’ll do their best to accommodate as many requests as possible.

So, I send my email to the mayor. And, sure enough, they respond. They say they’re overwhelmed with requests, but if I’m willing to see a senior staff member, they can fit me in at 3.

Well, I say, of course, because at least my foot’s in the door at this point. They offer to provide parking for me if I need, but I choose to go green and take the metro.

I’m excited to get downtown and as I walk the few blocks to City Hall I notice how beautiful it looks. They really fixed up the green areas around downtown and it now looks regal befitting a city of our size and stature. I guess we should thank the “Occupy L.A.” movement for that.

The office isn’t as busy as I would’ve expected but they are very well organized and have happy smiles on their faces. They welcome me, give me a form to fill out, and as I watch people being interviewed by various media about our new mayor, I am soon whisked off to my own meeting, but not before catching a

quick glimpse of Mayor Garcetti emerging from a meeting for a camera shot.

“Thanks for coming in,” he says. “You’re in good hands.”

As I go in to a meeting with his Deputy Christine, I can’t help but think that I am in good hands.

Well, at least I got in the door and am now sitting across from

someone excited to see me and wanting to help. What a good beginning for a first day in office.

Thanks, Mr. Mayor.

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