Neile Adams – One Hell of a Ride

Neile Adams.

Neile Adams.

What can we say, “Neile Adams is strictly divine.” She packed the room with her one woman show at the intimate Cavern Club Theatre in Silverlake, below the legendary restaurant, Casita Del Campo, bringing out celebs and fans alike.

Neile was off and running when she hit the stage ala Judy Garland in a gorgeous red beaded ensemble with all the pizzazz of the pro she is, even thought fighting through a California cold and slight cough. The show must go on and it did beautifully, song after song and before we knew it the show was over; lost in her magic.

Laughter galore and lovely visual family images mixed together with songs from her favorite composers as well as three Stephen Sondheim classics. Upon closing, she brought tears to our eyes with her rendition of the great Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile.” The greatness of the comic genius who brought us smiles of joy and sadness through his movies, silent and talkies was a wonderful acknowledgment for her closing song. Applause, applause, applause, thank you, Neile!

Many may recall Neile as the wife of actor Steve McQueen, but long before she met Steve, she was already an accomplished actress, singer, and dancer who appeared in countless films and television shows. Once she married Steve McQueen he insisted she stop working. She used her influence with agents and film studios to further his career as is probably not known by many. Their marriage from 1956 to 1972 produced actor son, Chad McQueen, as well as grandson, actor Steven R. McQueen, a family she is very proud of.

On reflection, Neile has been quoted as saying, “My life and times with Steve spanned twenty-four years. More than half of my life at the time of his death, and are over now, finished. He loved me and I had been the most important person in his life, I have no doubt. That I loved him and he had been the most influential person in mine cannot be denied. It was one hell of a ride.”

Do yourself a huge favor and go see Neile Adams whenever you see her name mentioned at any appearance or venue. This lady is a legend and wow, what fun! Stars of her magnitude and brightness never flicker out.

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