New Ageless Fitness Program for Seniors and Older Adults


Most health and fitness clubs in Southern California are focusing their activities towards helping the age 20-40 crowd achieve their fitness goals. Not very many clubs have an active program for seniors and older adults in place. The Toluca Lake Tennis Club and Sports Center has made that step recently and their new program titled “Ageless Fitness” is starting up Sept. 10.

“I’m turning 60 in a few days,” says the club’s new General Manager, Rich Neher. “Luckily I am an active tennis player and quite mobile for my age. Many others are not so lucky and working out at your average fitness club becomes a major challenge for them. So they become inactive and their mobility decreases year after year.” Rich discovered that fitness classes like Yoga or Tai-Chi can become a tremendous help for seniors in regards to strengthening the core and increasing your range of motion. The Toluca Lake Tennis Club and Sports Center on 6711 Forest Lawn Dr. offers 55 weekly fitness classes from Spin to Mat Pilates and Zumba. And from Sept. 10 on, a number of super low impact classes are being added for the aging population.

“We’ve created Ageless Fitness with the needs of seniors and older adults with mobility problems in mind,” says Marie Landsberger, the club’s Manager of GroupX Fitness. “Program participants can use our club and all its fitness areas including pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. every day of the week and pay only $40 per month.” Mondays through Fridays the club is offering special classes for Ageless Fitness members such as Tai-Chi, Mobility & Strength, Yoga, and lectures about health related issues.

“I’m looking forward to the Friday lectures,” adds Neher. “At my age I’m of course interested to hear from specialists about Physical Therapy, Medicare, Acupuncture, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer prevention. There is so much to learn.”

For more information about Ageless Fitness please call (323) 851-6000 and ask for Rich.

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