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Producer Mark Castaldo, Director/Producer Tim Van de Steeg, Composer Steve Horner, Co-Executive Producer Steve Abdo, Terry Hitchcock subject of the film, and Associate Producer Christine Redlin pose together at the “My Run” screening during the Newport Beach Film Festival.

I love movies! I’m not into horror ones, or far-out space fantasies, but mostly films based on real life, or well-written scripts one can relate to. That’s why I was so thrilled to be invited to come to The Newport Film Festival and be a guest at the viewing of one of the entries, as well as the after-party with those involved in the production of a wonderful true-life story called My Run.

This annual festival is a huge one, with over 300 entries this year, and it’s spread out over a vast area in and around Newport Beach and surrounding communities where screenings are ongoing for a busy long week with huge crowds in attendance. My Run tells the true story of Terry Hitchcock whose wife passed away from cancer, leaving him with three young children to raise on his own.

Devastated with the double burden of trying to make a living and care for his children and all the trials of everyday responsibilities, it led him to do the impossible—bring awareness to the world of being a single parent by running a daily marathon (26 miles) for 75 days straight! He was not an athlete, not in good health, but he never gave up. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer him on to the final finish of this well told documentary narrated by Billy Bob Thornton.

The film My Run drew a crowd of over 400 people followed by a thunderous standing ovation! The after party was held at the Newport Sports Museum, which is a unique collection of sports memorabilia, founded by John Hamilton, and was attended by everyone involved in the making of the film and guests including Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry and his wife.

I have just received the news that the film My Run has just been awarded the festival honor “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary” so the celebrations are just beginning, I’m sure! My congratulations to all involved, especially Christine Redlin, Associate Producer, and I’ll look forward to seeing it again in theaters when it is released! For more information, visit My Run’s official website at

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