Obama or Romney? Local Volunteers Needed Now


By Jon Konjoyan

Besides the presidential race, local candidates and issues also need your volunteer support.

Major party candidates seek volunteers! The word went out this week from officials at Democratic Party Headquarters in Van Nuys and Republican Headquarters in Woodland Hills that volunteer help is needed to get out the vote as the general election nears on Nov. 6.

Romney supporters are calling swing states and visiting nearby Nevada where the presidential race is a toss-up, according to Susan Shelley, a former congressional candidate and the Woodland Hills chairperson for Romney. “We’re recruiting volunteers to go to Nevada every weekend,” she said.

Closer to home, Shelley and Romney volunteer Susan Abato are pushing hard for the state senate candidacy of Todd Zink, and for a “No” vote on Proposition 30 which the campaign considers “a budget trick … just another tax increase.” “We’ve made 10,000 calls out of this office but we need more help,” explained Abato.

Meanwhile, Agi Kessler, the Chair of the Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley says they too are recruiting volunteers. “We need folks to walk precincts, to make calls, and for data entry,” she said. “We are the largest office in the state.”

Kessler lamented the tough campaign between Brad Sherman (which the party officially endorses) and Tom Berman in the 30th congressional district. On state initiatives, the party is working hard to defeat Proposition 32 which Kessler believes benefits special interests in the guise of campaign reform.

To volunteer for the Republicans, call (888) 946-4612. For the Democrats, call (818) 995-3367. No matter what, don’t forget to vote. “We urge everyone to vote,” concluded Shelley. “If you don’t vote you’re invisible.”

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