Oh, Those Lovey-Dovey Libs


Why are the vast majority of reporters and others of the media so liberal? In poll after poll, the news and entertainment media is shown to be something like 90% liberal in their individual political and social beliefs. For the longest time, this was denied (mostly by the ones furthest to the left) but now almost no one disputes that the media is left-leaning. So it is a given that the press would treat the candidates that they supported and voted for much better than the candidates that they don’t personally like. And that is why, children, we now have Obama presidential press conferences that feature primarily softball questions.
Yes, the press absolutely adores Barack Obama. They are deeply, deeply in love. There is nothing he could possibly do that will change this – short of burning his membership card to Planned Parenthood and actually calling Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists. Every story reported will be spun to his advantage. Every personal glimpse of the man will be focused on the beautiful and the wonderful. Get used to it, that’s the way it will be.
But for those of us with memory banks that go back further than the last Miley Cyrus hit, we know that this isn’t the first media love affair with a democrat president – not by a long shot. Remember Bill Clinton? Remember all the reporter-ettes and media harpies that gushed over him? They loved him. Still do. Remember John Kennedy? Same story. It’s been 50 years and the liberal love affair with Kennedy shows no sign of cooling off. The only democrat to be president they didn’t love was Lyndon Johnson, but they don’t exactly hate him either. The liberals simply handle Johnston like this – they pretend he never existed.
Democrats can’t just vote for a politician; they have to fall in love with the guy. It’s like a high school girl’s crush. Their man is the smartest, most handsome, most witty, best spoken man ever to run for office. (“Oh, he’s sooo cute!”) They’ll tell you that he was the smartest in his college class, you know, like they said of Al Gore and John Kerry even though records prove that Bush’s scholastic grades were consistently higher than both of these “geniuses.”
Conservatives don’t fall in love with the man they vote into office. More often than not, they disagree with their candidate concerning key issues simply because there has not been a truly conservative presidential candidate running for office for decades. You’ve got to go back to Ronald Reagan to even get close. Sure, they’ll vote for Republicans (better than the alternative) but usually with some reservations.
And even with Reagan, most conservatives I know did not like everything he did. I loved a lot of things he stood for, I admired the man, I trusted the man, I voted for him and I thought he was wonderful for America. I liked him. Was I “in love” with him? No. I don’t even think that way. And that’s the difference between the liberals and the conservatives. Conservatives want important issues dealt with in a pragmatic way and Libs want to fall in love.
Check out this “news report” filed by Christine Simmons of the Associated Press.

“WASHINGTON (May 3) — The first couple took full advantage of the cool spring night. After a date night out on Saturday evening, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama decided to take a stroll when their motorcade arrived back at the White House.
“So they began walking on the driveway of the White House South Lawn while holding hands. First they passed the West Wing, then their children’s swing set. They kept walking, swinging their hands together.
“There were no Secret Service agent’s right behind them — the agents stood off, in one of the rare moments that the Obamas had private space outside the White House walls.
“As the Obamas walked behind shrubbery and out of sight, the unscripted moment left reporters guessing where they were going. To the vegetable garden? The basketball court? No final word but they eventually came back the same way from where they started, rounding out their 8-minute walk. The walk wrapped up one of their first date nights in the District since they’ve lived at the White House.”

Ahh, spring! True love. Just another warm and fuzzy romantic adventure with the “first couple.” In eight years, did you ever hear George and Laura referred to as “The First Couple?” Of course not. And that’s another thing. Whenever there’s a Democrat in the White House, the press loves to play up the romance between the two. This is never done with the Republicans, even with Ronald and Nancy Reagan, who were probably the most devoted presidential couple since Abigail and John Adams.

There is nothing quite like a liberal when it comes to doling out compassion, love and understanding… as long as it’s to other liberals.

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