Old-Fashioned Me


A Poem by Patty Tossy


Hey folks … look at me!


I’ve got:

A typewriter, land-phone, antennae TV,

And all of them are

As precious to me

As my upright piano,

My old reel-to-reel

And my 35-year-old car.


So who needs:

Dot-com and Twitter,

iPad and cell phone,

Something to peer at all day?

Like location maps and GPS

Because I can’t find my own way?


My Gramophone player is mine, all mine

It plays all my 78’s

And a beautiful living room console

Plays three speeds of all of the greats.


I fought with my dear, sweet landlord

With my mouth in a child-like pout,

To please NOT have a garbage disposal

‘Cause I like just taking it out.


So call me old-fashioned and funny

For wanting to be “modern-free”

‘Cause it really is not about money,

I just LOVE being old-fashioned ME!

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