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Dear Sweet Spirit Readers,

In the past, I have been inundated with many letters pertaining to the same subjects. I thought perhaps now was the time to write about a couple of those topics and therefore I can answer perhaps 30, 40, 50 of your letters, in essence, in this one column.
A number of people have written to me saying that they are living in fear of losing a husband, wife, close relative or friend because they’ve gone to a “psychic” (not a psychic/medium such as myself) who has given them a very dire message. These so-called psychics somehow hear a “voice” telling them that their client will lose their loved one soon and that the client should prepare now. One woman wrote to say “I know my husband will die during 2009, because the psychic said so.”
This woman (and there are many others like her) told me she is so fearful of missing a moment with her loved one that she barely wants to let him out of her sight.
This is an extreme injustice being done by the “psychic.” First, no one can automatically start giving messages from the great beyond unless they’ve gone into trance and are a true psychic/medium, meaning they can communicate with the other side. So the psychic is pretending to be something he or she is not.
The bigger issue, of course, is that they are using a fear tactic. I don’t use the word “die” since I feel that’s a very negative word. I don’t believe that we “die.” Instead we go into what I call the “Sweet By and By” or the other side, which is just a step away from Earthplane. It’s a beautiful place where we can still communicate with our loved ones and also see those who’ve passed on before us. 
Now of course it’s true that a psychic/medium may receive a message that someone is in danger of passing away. But there are ways to give this message – by saying “Have you seen your doctor lately?” “Have you visited your mother lately, or sent her flowers?”
But these fortunetellers are taking a wild guess and assuming way more power than they have a right to assume. And some are asking for an exorbitant amount of money to break a curse or spell in order to prevent someone’s passing. That is pitifully wrong and an attempt to prey upon innocent and worried souls.
No one, including a doctor, can tell you precisely the time of a person’s passing. Only the Master – only a higher force – is in control of such a thing. And we’ve all heard examples of how someone seemed certain to pass away but rallied at the last moment. So even something that seems hopeless has a chance of changing course.
Susceptible people’s lives could be ruined if they believe in the ability of a mere mortal to predict a passing. They wait for the negative event to happen and are condemned to worry.
Beware also, Sweet Spirits, of any psychic who begins a reading with you by asking you questions and then tells you to ask them questions. A psychic/medium should first establish a connection with you by telling you something about your past, present or future so that you know they are on the same wavelength with you. Then the questions from you can begin, once you have built up trust in their accuracy.
Not long ago I attended a public meeting where a psychic (a charlatan, in my opinion) was appearing. He walked out onstage and said to the audience, “I want to talk to the person in the audience who had a relative pass away in a hospital.” There were some confused looks from people wise enough to realize how silly this was, but also, unfortunately, there were a few gasps from people amazed at his “accuracy.” Now dear ones, in a large group, isn’t it likely that several people had a relative pass away in a hospital?
Back to the letters I’ve received, another fairly common topic is fear that someone has had a curse put on them. They’ve been told this by a “psychic” and are afraid to live their lives.
For the record, no mere mortal is capable of sending a curse or hex to you. They may be able to send negative thoughts to you but simply say, “If you are sending me negativity, I send it back from whence it came.” Do not accept negativity. If you do, you can unwillingly draw it to you.
For example, if you are told that you are definitely going to have a car accident within 5 days, you will be driving so nervously that you might indeed cause an accident. Instead, use caution. Perhaps drive an alternative route than you’re used to for those 5 days. But refuse to accept the fact that this accident must happen. You can control your destiny.
I’ve received letters from people who have been preyed upon by psychics who ask for a large sum of money to remove a curse. The psychic says “If you give me this amount of money, I’ll take it away and go into an area where no one is and burn it, so that you and your loved ones will be spared.” Please do not believe this, Sweet Spirits!
In every profession there are those who are ethical and well-meaning and gifted, and those who are not. Unfortunately, the world of spiritualism is no different. It doesn’t mean you must close the door to spiritual people who can help you, any more than you should close the door on every doctor, lawyer, plumber, sales clerk or other professional because you’ve had a bad experience with one such person. You must just use caution and stay away from a person or situation that feels inappropriate.
The intent of the spirit world is to aid and comfort you – never to put fear into you. Remember this, and you can find great peace of mind from those on the other side (your friends, family and spirit guides) who are waiting to help you.
I trust that I cleared the air about a few of your concerns. I know I feel better for having shared some wisdom I’ve learned through my life experiences, because I want only the best for you.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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