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By Sal Rodriguez

Dr. Mindy Dai

Dr. Mindy Dai

Far from the busyness of the Media Center, and the gridlocked Empire Center; in the quieter part of Burbank, a stone’s throw from the enchanted Walt Disney Studios, is the office of Dr. Mindy Dai, Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Beginning her trade as an acupuncturist in 2001, she spent five years working closely with a Burbank neurological practice, experiencing tremendous success in treating patients with Bell’s palsy, a form of facial paralysis caused by a problem with the cranial nerve.

A former physician in China, holding an M.S.O.M (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine); she’s been at this location, a sole proprietorship, since 2006. Dr. Mindy has also served as Associate Professor of Radiology, at the Suzhou Medical College in China, giving her work the perfect blend of east-meets-west. Dr. Mindy has devoted her education, and her life, to facilitating health, well-being, and healing to Burbank and surrounding residents.

“The needles are disposable,” she said, which was a relief to this acupuncture newbie. As we toured her facility, I couldn’t help but feel a growing calmness within me, and an increasing trust that would be necessary to allow anyone to lay you on a table for twenty to twenty-five minutes with needles protruding from you. Ah yes, the needles, being various widths and lengths, depending on the patient’s circumstances. How tiny they are! Nowhere near sewing needles, far from safety pins. Incredibly thin, little things.

I loathe needles, but these looked harmless. Almost reminiscent of steel hairs, and just as flexible. Dr. Mindy might attach clips to the needles, connecting them to a mild electrical current. Or, she might increase the temperature of the needles, using a special, metal-seeking heat lamp.

If you have shoulder pain, you might think about having acupuncture in the shoulder itself. However, it’s quite common to target a distal point as well. For example, needles in your shoulder, as well as another specific area. Both her bedside manner and the office itself are reassuring. The office has the sterility of a doctor’s examining room, with the tranquility of a massage spa.

Acupuncture treatment is for all ages. And while generally employed for the relief of pain, it’s also for general health, balance, and vitality. For the needle-phobic, Dr. Mindy is well-versed in the less-invasive art of acupressure, as well. She was kind enough to show me a particular pressure point on the ear for easing nausea. Perfect for my upcoming trip to the LA County Fair.

Valley Acupuncture and Herb Center, Mindy M. Dai – California Licensed Acupuncturist. The office is located at 2031 W. Alameda Ave. Suite 206 Burbank, CA 91506. For more information, call (818) 843-1558, or visit

Open Monday – Saturday, by appointment only. Both on and off-street parking available.

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