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Page Layne Miller, with her mom Joyce, hopes you will “Bailout“ your garage with Project Page’s effort for an animal stimulus package at Actors and Others for Animals parking lot on June 20th.

Page Layne Miller, with her mom Joyce, hopes you will “Bailout“ your garage with Project Page’s effort for an animal stimulus package at Actors and Others for Animals parking lot on June 20th.

I want to talk about what one person, really two one persons, can do when they take their passion into action. Many of you know that I’ve been on the Actors and Others for Animals Board since day one. In the (near) 40 years of devotion and accomp-lishments of this organization, many great above and beyond members have made Actors and Others succeed and shine. Let me tell you about the personal projects of two current passionate A&O activists, Paul Jolly and Page Layne Miller.

The Page Project

Save the date: Saturday, June 20 from 10am-2pm. The Page Project announces a stimulus package for the animals! Econo-mic recession, foreclosures, budg-et cuts, pet overpopulation- ani-mals are always the silent victims. Currently, an even heavier burden is being placed upon those on the front lines of animal welfare and rescue work. Ms. Miller advocates that this “Stimulus Package” for the animals allows everyone to contribute whatever they can, and gives people a great excuse to clean out their garages and closets!
Actress, businesswoman and community activist, Page Layne Miller’s “The Page Project” will be accepting the following donations: clean, used blankets, towels & sheets (bagged or boxed), crates, carriers & kennels (all sizes), dog and cat food (dry and canned, unopened), new and used collars, leashes and doggie sweaters, healthy treats and chew toys, Frontline/Frontline Plus and Advantage, cleaning supplies and trash bags, cat litter (unopened), gift cards and postage stamps, and, of course, CASH!
So, Saturday at the Actors and Others for Animals parking lot (off Beck), all donations will be distributed to rescue groups and individuals dedicated to animal welfare including: The Brittany Foundation, BunnyLuv Rabbit Re-source Center, Doberman Rescue Los Angeles, FixNation, German Shepherd Rescue Orange County, Pet Hope, PURRfect Solu-tions Feline Rescue, Rottweiler Rescue, and many others.

Paul Jolly and The Petco Foundation

The Petco Foundation recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary Gala at the Hotel Del Coronado. Paul Jolly, Director of the Petco Foundation, spoke of his personal passion, and a promise. In his youth, a much-loved brother endured a fatal illness with the loving family, and a tattered rescued dog called Hope. Paul promised to honor a last wish, “Help animals like Hope. Help all animals.” And that he has, and then some! In its relatively short existence, the Petco Foundation has raised 50 million dollars. Pet rescues all over the country can maintain their good work, thanks to this. In many emergencies, like 9-11 and Katrina, The Petco Foundation was there with resources in place.
Paul Jolly says, “Pets are ultimately our responsibility as pet parents. It is a tragedy that 4-5 million unwanted pets are euthanized each year. There is an opportunity to really make a difference by raising funds for local spay and neuter groups.”
Actors and Others for Animals are grateful beneficiaries of this generosity. And to our good fortune, Paul Jolly has been a quiet, irreplaceable member of A&O’s Board of Directors, even before he was assigned to lead the Petco Foundation ten years ago.
Of the Foundation’s National Pet Adoption Days, says Paul, “This was a great time for animals because of our compassionate customers and adoption partners. This tremendous turnout, thanks in large part to the publicity help we received from our friends in the media, demonstrates a raised awareness about the number and diversity of wonderful pets that are sitting in shelters waiting to find their forever homes.” And, with foresight, “We’re proud to be able to support the Humane Society Youth’s KIND News campaign. Time and time again, studies show that there is a strong relationship between a child’s awareness for the proper way to treat animals and that child’s ability, as an adult, to relate humanely, not only to animals but to society as a whole. It is one of our missions to develop or support humane education programs like KIND News in the communities we serve.” Their motto, “Together we will make a difference.”
May these two good people inspire all of us to turn passion into reality… we’ll talk.

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