Problem Below the Belt? Don’t Ignore It.


By Juliana Schiavo

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. Dr. Martin Gelbard.

Do you have questions, concerns, or queries when it comes to the function of your male anatomy? We’re talking concerns of a sensitive nature – things you might be afraid to bring up around your significant other. Dr. Martin Gelbard will have the answers at a free Men’s Health Lecture atProvidence SaintJosephMedicalCenteron Wednesday, June 20.

A Burbank High graduate from ‘68, Dr. Gelbard has been a practicing urologist for close to thirty-four years with most of those years having been spent at Providence Saint Joseph’s. He became interested in urology because urologists were the first surgeons to use minimally invasive techniques such as laproscopy. As a urologist he treats patients with bladder control, prostate and erectile dysfunction problems, but his specialty is male sexual dysfunction.

“There’s been a tremendous explosion in the number of effective treatments for men with problems such as loss of libido, low hormone levels, and premature ejaculation,” Dr. Gelbard says. “These dysfunctions are easily treatable and they don’t require surgery.”

One of Dr. Gelbard’s specialties is peyronies disease. Peyronies is a curvature of the penis due to scar tissue or injury to the groin. Sometimes this scar tissue simply appears “out of the blue.” There are numerous treatment options available for this as well. See Dr. Gelbard’s site,, for more information.

For men who cannot use drugs due to preexisting conditions, Dr. Gelbard will also discuss other treatment options including male nutrition; Dr. Gelbard informed me that obese and overweight men suffer more from sexual dysfunction than thinner men, so his talk will include a discussion on the importance of regular exercise and diet.

In practice for more than 34 years, Dr. Gelbard has extensive experience in solving a variety of men’s health issues. Learn more about how you can improve your quality of life by attending his lecture on Wednesday, June 20, from 6–7:30 p.m.

Call 1-888-HEALING (1-888-432-5464) to RSVP for this event. Spouses are welcome to attend.Providence SaintJosephMedicalCenteris located at501 S. Buena Vista Burbank.

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