Psychic Crystal Lee Is a Third Generation Medium; Healing Powers Literally Run Through Her Veins


By Jon Konjoyan

Medium Crystal Lee’s mother and both grandmothers had psychic powers. She will answer one question for free by phone.

Crystal Lee hails from three generations of psychic mediums — her mother and both grandmothers were also born with the gift of psychic medium and healing powers. Lee says that as a child, being psychic was simply a part of her everyday existence. She didn’t know how to be any other way.

As adulthood approached, several life altering experiences strengthened both her psychic powers and her faith in God. “I became more acutely aware of His presence in my daily life while I was maneuvering through difficult life experiences,” she recounts. “The more I prayed, the more my faith grew, and the more psychic I became.”

“I would sputter truths from the middle of nowhere to family members and friends, and do it with great accuracy,” she explains. “I realized my psychic gift helped to soothe people’s souls. I had the ability to provide a link from our deceased loved ones on the other side to their family members here on earth.” Lee says the looks of astonishment on the faces of the people she touched “said it all.” At this point she knew she had a gift that could benefit others. “I honed this gift as I practiced it more and more which has resulted in my giving professional readings for over 20 years.”

One client of Lee’s, Bob M., saysCrystalis the best psychic he has ever encountered. “I wanted so hard to believe in her and bring back my sweetheart. Not only did she return back to me in less than a week, but with such intensity I could not believe my eyes.”

To schedule a personal meeting with Crystal Lee, call (323) 217-0328. For more information, visit

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